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Tim Fluck is a Ceramic Artist primarily working with slip cast porcelain forms. Conceptually his work explores the notion of utopia as a process (rather than a solution,) in which the promise of an ideal is never realised but remains on an endless loop of desire. His work brings together seemingly disparate forms and textures, from Minimalist-inspired Brutalism to the Maximalism of Memphis Design. The contrast of clean and seemingly infinite forms, with playful and colourful imperfect protrusions, convey a precarious harmony and comment on a perpetual reach for the elusive promise of utopia.

Tim recently achieved a distinction for his MA in Ceramics, and his work has been exhibited as part of BCB's FRESH 23, where he was one of the four Fresh winners. He has recently taken part in the 'Thrown Winter Exhibition', and  just announced he will be presenting work at Ceramic Art London for the first time. Alongside his own practice he teaches ceramics at The Clay Studio in East Sussex.

Tim Fluck
MA Ceramics UCA

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